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By law all fire extinguishers in rented or commercial buildings must be regularly serviced. Also all fire alarm systems must be maintained in order to comply with UK standards. We at Fairway Estates have specialist training to do this for you as part of our property management service. Rest assured that we will offer you the highest UK standards as part of a highly competitive management service


Key Benefits of the Service

Our certified fire technicians, electricians, and sprinkler fitters provide comprehensive inspection, testing, repair, and emergency services in conformance with all local guidelines.  We perform scheduled testing and inspection of all fire alarms, suppression systems, and emergency generators.  Our trained staff are also available 24 hours a day to respond to all fire alarm problems.

  Sleep safe knowing your property is protected
  No need to work out complex scheduling - we do it!
 No need to be up to date on legal guidlines - that's our job.
  Part of serving a property is it's fire protection
  Fire suppression systems must be maintained

Our fire division has many years of experience in all phases of fire protection and our customer focused approach leaves you feeling cared for!
We cover all aspects of fire alarm, warning and suppression systems. You can sleep safe knowing your property is protected!
We take our responsibilities very seriously. If you have worked with us before you will know when we say "fire safety", we mean "life safety". We do not cut corners.